Persenda DS Rosmah Sempena Halloween, Instafamos Singapura Ini Terima Ugutan

Baru-baru ini, Instafamous daripada Singapura, Wendy Cheng ada memuat naik video ‘menjadi’ Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sempena parti Halloween di Youtube.

Gambar tersebut menunjukkan mekap dan pakaian Wendy mirip isteri bekas perdana menteri itu.

Terdahulu, gambar tersebut telah dimuat naik Wendy menerusi entri di laman Instagram miliknya.

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Keep your hate comments coming people!! I love any form of attention ? I especially appreciate the lengthy Malay comments because I can’t understand them so I imagine you guys are saying I’m so talented and pretty lol! ⠀ I love how stupid people always say the same boring insults… plastic lah, babi lah, Singaporean lah, Chinese lah… erm none of these are insulting? Can try harder not ? ⠀ Don’t try to make this a SG vs Malaysia thing. After 1MDB Singaporeans were all rooting for our Malaysian friends during the elections and we cheered together with them when the results came out. Their high spirits of hope and renewed faith was infectious and Singapore felt it too. Disliking the Razaks isn’t equal to disliking Malaysia at all. ? ⠀ I am completely bamboozled by the fact that Najib/Rosmah actually still has supporters. ? how is it possible?! I thought everyone hated them?! Do people not watch the news? Of billions embezzled? Of 72 suitcases of cash, branded watches and birkins etc seized from properties linked to them? Of Altantuyaa?! I’m just… speechless… truly. You want me to show respect to Rosmah? Why?! Why on earth would I respect crooked politicians?! I’d sooner respect a used condom than Rosmah? ⠀ The video will be out today. Probably in the evening. If you are pissed by a 2 second silent preview you NOT gonna like the full 10 min video, this I can promise. ? I can’t wait to piss the village idiots off more, it’s gonna be so fun! For my Malaysian friends and followers who are so excited about this video, this is for you guys, and the cherry on top of the cake is watching the idiotic Najib supporters get hopping mad ☺️ ⠀ I’ll post on my ig stories when the video is up! Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel at ? ⠀ #neverapologize #neverbackdown #xiaxueasrosmah

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Lantaran itu, entri tersebut telah menerima pelbagai kritikan terutamanya daripada netizen Malaysia yang merasakan perkara tersebut tidak lucu.


Wendy juga turut menerima ugutan bunuh di inbox Instagram miliknya.

Tambah Wendy, dia meminta orang ramai supaya tidak memperbesarkan isu ini kerana baginya setiap orang bebas menjadi apa yang mereka mahukan ketika menyambut perayaan Halloween.


Bimbang dengan ugutan tersebut, ini respon Wendy menerusi IG story miliknya;

“OMG this Rosmah Halloween look is going out of control viral and i feel damn sian because  I haven’t even posted the full video yet.

“Im getting a lot of threats from people. Im legit bit fearing for my life. It’a Halloween look la chill, people become all kind of famous people,” tulisnya.

Foto: Instagram Wendy Cheng