Woooww, bukan mudah untuk seseorang itu mendapat pujian terutamanya daripada seorang legenda yang cukup berpengaruh dalam industri.

Penyanyi kelahiran Malaysia ini nampaknya benar-benar bijak mengatur langkah dan berjaya meletakkan namanya dalam standard tersendiri di dunia hiburan peringkat antarabangsa.

Yuna Terima Pujian Daripada Lagenda Jaz Dunia

Baru-baru ini Yuna telah dipuji oleh penyanyi jazz bertaraf dunia iaitu Quincy Jones, 84.


Menurut caption gambar di Facebook, Jones menyifatkan Yuna sebagai seorang individu yang bukan sahaja mampu memberi inspirasi pada golongan muda, malah juga orang lama seperti dirinya.


“I’ve spent my career reaching backwards and looking forward…paying tribute to the teachers and visionaries who came before me while making something new that might inspire another generation of creators.

“Yuna embodies that commitment with her own forward-reaching sound, while paying respect to her influences, and I absolutely love that about her. At the launch of my JBL E55BT Quincy Edition Headphones, we had a beautiful time chatting about some of our favorite young musicians that keep us excited for the future! Keep on keepin’ on gurl!” katanyamelalui laman Facebooknya.

Malah, Jones juga berkata, komitmen Yuna dalam seni suara dan sentiasa menghormati orang kelilingnya membuatkan penyanyi veteran ini menyayanginya.


Malah, penyanyi ini juga telah dillabelkan sebagai salah seorang ‘powerful ladies’ yang terbukti punyai semangat positif oleh Jones dalam sebuah majlis pelancaran headphone JBL E55BT Quincy Edition di Amerika Syarikat.

Malah, Yuna juga tidak ketinggalan memuji dan berkongsi pandangannya tentang Jones di Instagramnya.

Throughout my career Ive been blessed to meet a lot of people in the entertainment industry. One of the easiest (& favourite) ways for me to see someones true colors, is how they treat the production crew on set. I’ve worked with a lot of productions in the past 10 years, and funny enough, I fell in love with one wonderful man I worked with on a shoot years ago.. so you know, I have a soft spot for my production people, from the directors to the runners getting coffee for everyone. I try to make things easy and pleasant for everybody. These people work long hours & work hard to make something cool for the viewers, and also help you put your name out there. So no matter how tired you are, the way you treat the crew says it all about you. I’ve seen it all. Some roll their eyes at directors, some would snap at the cameraman, some don’t know when to say sorry or thank you. Some in the industry for 30 years, some.. not even a year. So, I see this as a reminder no matter how successful I get, inshaAllah i pray I wont turn into a fame monster one day. — So let me tell about my time with Quincy Jones. He walks in, & I was the 2nd last person he was doing this shoot with, and it was already dark outside. I imagine he has been doing this all day. I imagine at his age, he is tired. Still, he treated everybody in the room special- asks everybody how they are. He lights up when an orange sorbet is handed to him and says “Ok im ready!” and off we go! What a spirit! So many things I got from him that day that I wish would’ve made it into the interview video.. So wise. So kind. So humble. He asked for me to play the piano, & with whatever minuscule skill I have, I played some basic chords. Mind you this is the world’s greatest songwriter, musician, producer. But for some reason, I didn’t feel embarrassed playing my stupid chords on his piano. He specifically said our responsibility as musicians/songwriters is to be humble. We got this gift from God. It’s not all ours, so use it wisely, be humble. Thank you @quincydjones for showing us all how it is done. We can’t all be as talented as him, but we can be just as kind now, cant we? Now where’s that orange sorbet!! ?

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