“Geli La Weh…,” – Selang Tiga Hari, Aliff Aziz Kongsi ‘Madah Kasih’ Lagi Buat Anak & Bekas Isteri

Pelakon dan penyanyi sensasi, Aliff Aziz sekali lagi meluahkan dedikasi istimewa buat anak tunggal dan bekas isterinya. Dedikasi tersebut disampaikan penyanyi Sayang Sayang ini menerusi Instagram.

Kongsi Aliff, hatinya telah pun ‘dicuri’ si cilik berkenaan sejurus ibu yang cantik melahirkan.

And there’s this boy. He actually stole my heart since the day his beautiful Mummy gave birth to him. He calls me ‘Daddy’.


“Through everything they may say about me. I’ll give my life up for you buddy,” tulisnya.

Pada masa sama, dia turut memohon doa atas segala rintangan yang dihadapi dalam usaha untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik.

“Pray for Daddy always sayang as Daddy goes through this phase of being the best i can. I love you. Both of you. You know who you are,” kongsi Aliff sambil disusuli dengan tanda palang #MrAndMrsAliffAzizJr dan #AydenAdrean.

Lalu, entri tersebut pantas mendapat komen dari netizen. Antaranya;

“Geli La Weh…,” – Selang Tiga Hari, Aliff Aziz Kongsi ‘Madah Kasih’ Lagi Buat Anak & Bekas Isteri “Geli La Weh…,” – Selang Tiga Hari, Aliff Aziz Kongsi ‘Madah Kasih’ Lagi Buat Anak & Bekas Isteri “Geli La Weh…,” – Selang Tiga Hari, Aliff Aziz Kongsi ‘Madah Kasih’ Lagi Buat Anak & Bekas Isteri


Beberapa hari lalu, bintang berkenaan turut menyampaikan luahan kasih sama menerusi Instagram, hingga menimbulkan reaksi pelbagai di kalangan netizen.

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09.09.2016 One of the most magical days of my life where Allah blessed me with such an amazing woman to share my life with. Through all the years of happiness and sadness, ups and downs, she had been there for me. If i could turn back the hands of time, there are many things i would have done better and differently. I would have given my best that i could have ever gave. But this is an example of when you take Allah’s blessings for granted, time and again, when the time comes and He shows you what you brought upon yourself, then only you realize what you have done. And as human beings, myself included we turn to Allah when our world gets shaken and when we face trials and tribulations and when we lose some or all that we have. But this is a calling from Him for me to realize how far i have been from the right path. To @bellaastillah , you have always given your best since the day i met you for the first time. You have always been there for me at my highest and lowest phases in life. I pray to Allah you will always be blessed with great blessings for you are special. Thank you for giving birth to such an amazing handsome smart boy @aydenadrean17 sebagai tanda cinta kita. I need to amend my relationship with Allah. For He is the best of planners and the one that can turn hearts over. Saya harap awak sekeluarga selalu dirahmati dan dilindungi. I know this post will get different opinions but this is just words from my heart that i wanted to share. I may have not been the best for you before, but insyaallahuta’la if Allah wills for us to together again, may He wills for me to show the best husband and father in me that i could ever be. Jodoh pertemuan semua di tangan Allah. Whatever people may perceive or say, only you know me for who i am. Saya harap awak doakan saya seperti mana awak selalu dalam doa saya. Both you and Ayden. I may be perceived in many ways. But we are all human beings that will fault with our own choices in life. Saya hanya minta doa yang baik-baik sahaja dari semua. Semoga dengan doa baik itu, Allah limpahkan kebaikan untuk semua. Amin yra. ✨

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