Ligamen Kaki Kiri Farah Asyikin Putus Gara-Gara Dihempap Motosikal Berkuasa Tinggi Seberat 300kg!

Penyanyi Farah Asyikin berkongsi kisah duka apabila dia mengalami kecederaan di bahagian kaki kiri selepas dihempap motosikal berkuasa tinggi seberat 300 kilogram yang sekali gus membuatkan kecederaan tersebut menyebabkan ligamen sebelah kaki kirinya koyak.

Atas sebab ramai yang bertanya khabar, bekas bintang Gegar Gema Vaganza musim kedua 2 itu ada berkongsi cerita situasi berlaku menerusi Instagram.

“Ligament putus. So many asking what happened to my left leg. Jazakumullahu khayr for all your du’as and kind wishes. May Allah grant you goodness and more. Ameeen YRA,” tulisnya.

Tambah Farah insiden berlaku apabila dia cuba mengalihkan motosikal milik suaminya itu, sehinggalah ia tiba-tiba terbalik dan dia cuba untuk mengawalnya.


“My husband & I just bought new plants for the house last Sunday. And only yesterday I managed to find time rearrange the porch and garden. I tried to move my husband’s Harley Davidson motorbike that weighs 300kgs to the side to make some space for the new arrangement, but unfortunately the bike toppled on me. I tried to save the motorbike from having a hard fall without thinking of myself.


“Alhamdulillah the motorbike didn’t have any damage but obviously I got injured doing so. I heard a “crack” when I pulled my left leg out of the toppled monstress bike. Why monstress? Big and extremely heavy! I cried for Owais who was sitting infront of the front door. He came to help me get up and gave me my hp for me to make calls. I pratically dragged myself cos I couldnt stand. Called my husband & my family for help,” katanya.

Malah maklumnya juga, bahagian tersebut juga sebelum ini pernah mengalami kecedereaan lama.


“Dr Ang of Columbia Asia came with Xray & MRI results. The fall caused 1 complete torn ligament and another ligament partially torn at my left ankle. And rupanya the left foot has one old injury; a broken bone. I got that one from the fall during confinement more than 4 years ago; berlari naik tangga dengar Owais crying masa tu. I tripped and fell. I never went to the hospital. At that time I was a single mom, my focus was on Owais and I completely ignored my own well-being. I kept the pain to myself, I can’t remember when the pain stopped.


“Alhamdulillah, it’s just torn ligaments, not fractured or broken. Thank you to my husband that brought me to the hospital and has been taking care of me. Thank you to my brother Chal who came to the hospital to get Owais. Thank you to Mama who’s been looking after Owais very accommodating as always, Thank you to my sisters and bro in law who have been assisting to look after Owais. Thank you to my friends for their love & concern. I’m okay, Alhamdulillah. InshaaAllah it will take months to heal,” katanya lagi.

Foto: Instagram Farah Asyikin