Aliff Aziz Minta Afifah Nasir Bercakap Benar

Kalau anda masih ingat beberapa bulan yang lalu heboh industri seni negara kita dengan kontroversi yang melibatkan pelakon, Aliff Aziz dan pelakon cantik, Afifah Nasir.

Kedua-dua mereka ditemui oleh isteri kepada Aliff, Bella Astillah di salah sebuah pusat karaoke di ibu kota.

Walau bagaimanapun kes itu telahpun selesai selepas kedua-dua belah pihak tampil membuat sidang media masing-masing untuk menjelaskan perkara yang sebenar.


Terbaru terdapat beberapa portal yang berkongsi cerita bahawa Afifah menyatakan dirinya dan Bella sudah berbaik dan tidak lagi bergaduh.

Namun begitu, Aliff tampil menerusi akaun Instagramnya menafikan hal tersebut dan meminta untuk Afifah bercakap benar.

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“Tonight i feel it’s time for me to voice out once and for all about an issue that has already been way past me and my wife for a long time. Before i begin, i want everyone to know that i’m voicing out to put my point across once and for all and not to bring back up this incident again as for me and Bella, we have moved on well and stronger from this incident.

“For these past few days, interviews and articles have been put out stating that this girl and my wife has “reconciled” and that this girl has claimed that she is not enemies with Bella and she is “ready to forgive and forget” about this incident. This girl claimed that “Bella isn’t upset about the genting outfit issue as she has contacted Bella through Whatsapp about it and Bella is fine with everything.”


“First of all to this girl that is infamous for making false statements over and over again i want to tell you something that would probably benefit you more than anyone else. As i have said before countless times, in this incident only YOU and ME knows exactly what went on and irregardless of who else is involved on both sides, both me and you know thoroughly what we did wrong.


“Thats why i dare to say that your statements are false. So i know that it is nearly impossible for you to even say anything true because it has been shown time and again that all you do is lie. It’s okay if you are talking about yourself. But when you bring up again my wife in your statements when the press interviews you, and say things of this nature which is far from true, what are you trying to prove? Is it to show the world that you are once again the ‘innocent’ one and that everything is now fine and dandy?


“Like i said i know its near IMPOSSIBLE for you to say any truth, so why not try this, the next time you get questions about this again why not say the TRUTH or not say anything at all? I would not have posted this today if it wasn’t about your FALSE statements these past days. If it is true that Bella said she was fine with everything when you contacted her through whatsapp, why didn’t you show that whatsapp to the press? Why can you do it when you tried to show that i was the only one that was wrong the last time but not do it now?

Yes i get it. Everyone will say after this that “Aliff kau pun salah takpayah la nak cakap cakap lagi” and all these other comments. Well, i understood my grave mistake towards my wife a long time ago and i have made my confessions and apologies a long time ago and have sinced moved on stronger with my wife.


“But when i read and see all these nonsense this girl is saying to show as if she has sorted out everything well is just annoying. “Saya sedia melupakan dan memaafkan,” Excuse me? Sedia memaafkan? Maafkan who? Me? Bella? Yourself? Stop living in your bubble of denial please.


“I know my mistake. You know yours. If there is anyone that has the position to even ‘memaafkan’, its Bella. And about future jobs that you claimed you would have no problems if ever the opportunity arises for you to work with me again. Listen well here. I have absolutely NO intentions of ever accepting any offers with you NOT because i am afraid of you, not because i believe i’m innocent, but because the DANGER of someone who would actually LIE with no regards or concern to anyone else but herself just to free herself from trouble is just not worth my time.


“To everyone else, do know that i am not posting this to bring up this matter again. That’s the last thing i ever want to do. But i’m voicing out to let this girl know that its better for her to just shut up if its impossible to say the truth. I have stayed silent long enough tolerating these nonsense statements. #EnoughIsEnough #IfItsImpossibleToSayTheTruthItsBetterYouShutUp #KalauSusahSangatCakapBendaBetulBaikKauDiam #MovingOn,” tulisnya panjang lebar di dua perkongsiannya menerusi Instagram.

Diharapkan segala permasalahan atau rasa tidak puas hati dengan tindakan Afifah ini dapat diselesaikan dengan baik.


Mungkin juga Afifah mengekuarkan kenyataan begitu kerana tidak mahu mengeruhkan keadaan dan memanjangkan cerita.

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