Pelakon popular, Fasha Sandha telah meraikan majlis ulang tahun kelahiran anaknya, Putri Raysha Jemyma yang ke-5, semalam.

Difahamkan, majlis tersebut diadakan di pusat membeli-belah terkenal, Great Eastern Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

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#jemymaturns5 💖

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Bertemakan unicorn, kanak-kanak perempuan comel itu dilihat cukup gembira apabila mendapat hadiah daripada tetamu yang hadir.

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Dearest Jemyma, Every year since your first birthday i have never failed to write you birthday letters, i posted all of them on my social media so that it will never be lost. It will be on the internet forever so that u can retrieve and read it whenever you want, even when i am no longer around. So many things to say and i will try and keep it as short as possible. How on freakin’ earth have five years passed since you entered my life. I have come to realize how big you are and how much you've grown. When Dada pegang kaki jemyma i can’t believe how big it is now, it was so small when i first held you when you came into this world of ours. You are just amazing, i always want you to be around me, you are my youngest and i want you to be like this forever 😭. You are growing up too fast and im afraid that as time passes by you will no longer be the little girl that kisses me, cuddle me, and hold my hand. often i find myself wishing I could freeze time to keep you in this age forever but i know that isn't possible, I just have to hold on to the memories whatever ways I can. Early in the morning yesterday, when i saw you in class, I saw little glimpses of you all growned up, ya Allah, and i realized that you won’t be my little girl forever. One day, i will hand you over to your future husband and it breaks my heart just thinking about it 😭. But i know it is your life and not mine, your happiness will be my happiness InsyaAllah. For now you are mine and i will make sure that you know that YOU belong to me 🤣. paham tak? I could write about you forever. Just know that I love you more than my very own life. I am so proud of who and what you are becoming. I'm so happy that I get to share my life with you! I love you. Thank you for those unexpected kisses and hugs from you especially yesterday when ibu came to send Rayfal over, you kissed me all over my face. Thank you for just being you Jemyma ku. Happy Birthday Putri ku tercinta. Love always and forever Daddy

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Malah, bekas suami Fasha iaitu Jejai yang juga bapa kepada Jemyma turut sama hadir meraikan majlis berkenaan.

Turut sama meraikan si cilik itu termasuklah rakan-rakan selebriti seperti Ozlynn, Sajat dan ramai lagi.

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BFF ❤️ #jemymaturns5

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Sementara itu, Fasha menerusi perkahwinan terdahulu bersama Jejai atau nama sebenarnya Rizal Ashram Ramli, mereka dikurniakan dua orang cahaya mata iaitu Putra Rayfal Ramli dan Putri Raysha Jemyma.

Aktres tersebut kini bergelar isteri kepada pelakon, Aidil Aziz dan keduanya diijabkabulkan pada 30 Mac lalu.

Foto: Instagram Fasha Sandha, Aidil Aziz & Selebriti Terlibat