Pelakon Erynne Erynna, 24, menanti detik melahirkan anak sulung tidak lama lagi.

Malah, pelakon drama Nasi Kerabu Untuk Che Abe (NKUCA) itu turut meluahkan rasa syukur dan terharu apabila disahkan hamil.

“Saya pasti akan merindui saat berbadan dua ini, Alhamdulillah ia adalah satu pengalaman yang sangat bersyukur.

“Ya Allah, tak dapat digambarkan perasaan apabila bayi berada dalam perut dan rasa dia bergerak semua, Subhan’Allah.

“I pray for those yang doa untuk rezeki zuriat semoga semua doa kalian dimakbulkan, amin ya Allah,” tulisnya.


Malah, usia kandungan pemilik nama penuh Syazlynne Erynne Abdullah kini sudah mencecah usia 33 minggu.



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My first baby bump photo. To my child, May you grow beautifully, strongly, healthy and kindly, Insya’Allah. May Allah bless and ease everything for us both, Amin. Alhamdulillah syukur that Allah give me the chance to be able to experience this precious and meaningful journey, which is being pregnant. I am ever so grateful. Always, always put your trust in Allah, never ever doubt His Will and Power. When something is written for you, never in a million years will it be for someone else. Believe in His perfect timing, because He knows when we are ready or not for something. And remember, Allah always give whats best for each and every of His believers, only we sometimes are blind to see and can’t / don’t want to understand things the way we should have. But yes, we are human after all, we have lots of flaws and imperfections. Just that all we can do is to learn and keep on practicing to be good and better, in every way possible, as a believer, human, person and more. Its easy to say, i know but lets just try, with all our sincerity. Try striving for better, Insya’Allah Allah will make it ease for us, amin. Lastly, i pray for those who’ve been praying for a child, May Allah grant all your du’as and rezki, Amin. And, to those who have lost their child, salam takziah from me, Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un “We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return” and indeed, Allah gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. Masya’Allah. We are all the chosen one for our own battles in life. Have faith and always try to stay positive, Insya’Allah May Allah bless us all. #6monthspregnant #blessed #babybumb

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Mula mencipta nama dalam industri hiburan pada tahun 2004,  Erynne mendirikan rumah tangga pada 17 April 2019.

Foto : Instagram Erynne Erynna

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