Siapa sangka, di sebalik sikap lucu yang sering dipamerkan pelawak, Harith Iskander ada juga sifat romantiknya.

Kisahnya, juara pertandingan Funniest Person In The World itu memuat naik entri menngucapkan selamat hari ulang tahun kelahiran buat isteri tercinta, Dr. Jezamine Lim.

“Happy birthday to my gorgeous wife, Dr Jezamine Lim. To say that she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me is an understatement.

“Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t It Lovely plays in my mind each time I am with this woman- and it has been ever since we met in 2008.


“There’s nothing I can say about her that I haven’t said in any of my previous postings- (amazing wife, mother to our 3 children, my manager, PhD holder, entrepreneur, owner, inspiration, role model, fashion model, speaker, etc).

“But 10 years on and I can safely say that she is only just beginning to pick up speed. Just watch this space. Happy birthday sayang,” tulisnya.



Pasangan itu mempunyai tiga orang anak iaitu Zander Xayne Iskander, 6 tahun, Alessandrea Jayne Iskander, 5 tahun dan Zydane Xayne Iskander, 3 tahun.

“She’s The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Is An Understatement,”- Ucapan ‘Paling Unik’ Harith Iskander Buat Isteri, Dr. Jezamine Lim

Foto/Instagram: Harith Iskander