So Sweet! Ucapan Anak Ziela Jalil Buat Suami Memang Boleh Kena Diabetes

Baru sahaja melangsungkan perkahwinan dengan jejaka idaman, anak kepada pelakon dan penerbit, Datuk Ziela Jalil iaitu Puteri Julia Nabilah menitipkan kata-kata manis buat suaminya.

Menerusi Instagramnya, Julia sempat memuat naik entri penghargaan terhadap suaminya itu.

“To my dearest love, you entered my life at a time I gave up on falling in love. I had been so scared too long for me to even remember what made me hurt the most.

“And then you arrive, and the thought of remembering what hurt became insignificant. Never did it cross my mind that I would ever know you, let alone fall in love.

“You never a goal I wanted to achieve, you were never a dream that echoed in my sleep. And yet, since the second I met you, you became everything I never knew I wanted.

“ALLAH SWT say ‘ I am with those whose heart is torn’. Indeed, ALLAH SWT knew the best and the best He delivered. I gave Him my heart and He gave me, you.

“You became my happiness, your quirky sense of humor that always made me smile. You became my rock. My shoulder to cry on whenever I felt so low.

“You were my comfort, that hand to hold whenever I drowned in my insecurities, you are true love, I never knew existed.

“I have many moments in my life I thought I never get over, but you showed me that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone or who your first love was.

“What matter most is who’s there for you till the end. Till the end baby, and to many more adventures together. Love you always. Your wife,” tulisnya.



Oh my!!! Boleh kena diabetes tau kata-kata penghargaan Julia terhadap suaminya itu, MH pasti mesti ramai juga yang ingin merasai indahnya alam perkahwinan bersama orang tersayang kan?


Apa-apapun, Selamat pengantin baru buat Julia dan suami, semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu.

Foto: Instagram Puteri Julia Nabilah